Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Mission is NOW Complete.

Ok. First off. Don't judge me. I think me of anyone would know the rules. Thank you kindly. But we needed to obediently take care of our sheep and go out to a little courteous city outside of Timisoara and find some members and so we did just that, to save money, rather than taking the boring train - no bravery included whatsoever, and to be thrifty as we are supposed to be as it says in the scout law. *Please note it never says to be "safe" in the scout law.* We rented some clean clean bikes, and us being the trustworthy missionaries we are, from the place here in the center of town and we had a loyal bike ride out to the little city of Sacalaz. I can still feel the reverent consequences of our actions last Saturday, if you understand what I am throwing your way. I haven't riden a bike for such a long time, but no way I would ever forget how to ride one. It was a cheerful day. If only it was like today, about 50 degrees out, but last Saturday it was about 75 or 80. With my rucksack my back was soaked by the time we got out there - maybe it was a good thing I don't have to ride a bike on my mission. I'd always be soaked! I sweat too much! But towards our disappointment, neither of the members we wanted to contact were there but we chatted with some really nice people. I love the country side and "simple" life sometimes so much after living in the city where it is always busy and you are on the go. It was great to interact with some of the people there, just so helpful! It was a good break. And another cool person we talked to, was a past football star for Timisoara and Bucuresti as well. He seemed like a really cool guy, we met him on the outskirts of Timisoara and he actally lives in Sacalaz and usually bikes to Timi everyday playing football with other friendly friends and doing errands. (Football refers to the only football there is in the world. The real football. Real talent and heart. I love football.) Anyways. It was a good day.
English classes are going alright, we are teaching beginners this time around and every class is about 15-20. Last Saturday was the most I have seen at English for a while. It went well. I sometimes hate teaching English, because I forget the accent I have and the way I say words and the way they are supposed to say them. I think about every other sentence that comes out of my mouth I teach a wrong principle or something wrong. Oh well.
Everything is just dandy. I love the life. Missionary life.

Monday, October 1, 2012

If You Haven't Read It, Try It!!

I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon.
It's a great book and we can learn so much from it, no matter how many times we read it.
Try it out. Read it. Learn from it. Be open and desirious to learn.
Have a great week!

Always nice to get pictures from this fine young man. He will be home in three weeks!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


I love coincidences, when they happen just so coincidentally. Are there such things as coincidences? Does God let things happen the way they happen, or were they always going to happen that way? It's mind-boggling to me sometimes, thinking about life and about choices. How sometimes the random choices of yours and those of others make way for a coincidence to happen. To meet them in the most random part of town, to be riding the same plane to a far off place, to see each other on the same train, on the same bus, or car. Does every single tiny small miniscule thing, truly happen for a reason? Chance. Fate. Destiny. Mere coincidence. Where does the line get drawn and how do we know? "What a coincidence."
Hope you are all doing well family and friends, faithful followers, don't think that this is a coincidence that you read this message this day. It was always going to happen for you to read these words of mine. It was fate.
Anyways, have a great week. Good bye September.

38 Days.

I actually don't know how many days it is till I get home, but 38 days was the limit me and Elder Speth put from last Thursday to my last Sunday. We are reading the Book of Mormon for studies, nearly 30 minutes a day and going to read it before the end of the transfer. Also in that time period we are going to do a lot more. I love Timisoara. I do not really miss the summer hot days. Funny how in the summer we long for winter, but in the winter cold days we so long for the summer days. I like Spring and Fall. Can't believe September is already half way...started! It was a long week last week, but at the same time, it flew by. It was good being in Bucuresti for the beginning of the week, but I started getting sick, because of the lack of sleep and the lack of being in Timisoara. I took Green down to Bucuresti Monday and we spent p-day there. Lots of fun playing football. Elder Nilsson threw me some awesome passes and I made some awesome plays. nbd. Then able to see a couple members randomly and met up with them and then Tuesday spent time with Green, Nilsson, Mikolyski, and James. Then Wednesday morning, very early took them to the airport with Pettit and Newey. Only two times in the airport, someone asked me for directions or help to find something. I was expecting more people to come and ask me for help, but it's ok. I'm over it. Then Wednesday it was great to see the other Elder Green, the one I served with in Bucuresti. We visited some people and members and it was a great day to be reunited. Love that kid. And he is already in his 6th transfer and he got transferred to Alexandria and will be serving with a former of my companions, Elder Ealy. I think next transfer he will be training there in Alexandria. Then Thursday back in Timisoara with my favorite companion (favorite means current) Elder Speth. We visited a few members and met up with the young man who came to church last week and he came to church again yesterday. It was a great week and it's going to be a great transfer. It's going to fly and already is flying. I love it and hope you all have a great week! The gospel changes hearts. Do you like it? Peace be unto you. Don't play with street lights. Drive safe and don't mess with the cd players if you are the driver. Take care.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Years. 2 Easy.

Interesting to think about how the time has gone by. Where nearly every second of every day is planned by, makes you appreciate the time you have.

I have a question and I would like the answers just to get to know you a little more better. Something random I heard a while back when I was in Arad and it made me think. Started thinking about this question the other day. I like money too! But I don't love it. If you were given $86,400 dollars a day, what would you do with the money? And for each day and everyday you will receive the same amount $86,400 dollars. And if you don't use the money given for that day you will lose it. You will never be able to get it back.

Stop. Now think about it. How many days would it take to be a millionaire?!

Last Saturday was so great. Before English class which really did not exist but me making phone calls, some in English, but most in Romanian to invite the world to the activity that night, me and Mcbride went shopping for our activity buying food and other intricacies of preparing a barbeque, Romanian style. Shopping was just so great. I love it. English was even better. Called about 300 people in Timisoara. worth it though, because I was so happy it went so well. We had a lot of people there! Only a few members showed up, which was alright, but I went through the phone of ours with all our investigators and called every investigator in there, nearly every number, gotta clean that phone out some more. Lots of random numbers from past missionaries. And calling English students and other investigators we had about 20 non-members there. We had a good meal, "mici" (not sure what will happen when you google it, but it's a meat usually porc and beef and it's super good, pretty common snack and bbq item, pretty fattening and scrumptious, why would I not eat it? live to eat!), nearly the most people I have seen there in the building since I have arrived in the city. It was awesome. Then on the way home, a little late, we were simply planning on just going straight to the bus and head home, but after crossing the street close to the church, a younger man called out to us wanting to talk to us. He said he had about 10 minutes to wait for his bus, and Elder McBride looks at me when he, the young man asks us if we are in a hurry. Ha I said not really. It's 10 o clock. Not a big deal everyone. I had permission, from myself obviously. So we chatted some, he played us some religious songs from his phone and we talked about our church and how our service goes and getting to know him a little bit and his background, and almost immediately after talking he said, where is your church? I would like to come. And before I really say anything, oh it's right there around the corner. Then he is already taking out his phone and giving us his number so we can call him the very next morning about 11 hours later to remind him to come to church. We called him and he didn't answer the next morning. Silently crushed, I kept on waiting and about twenty minutes later he calls us back on a different number saying he is on his way and will give us a beep, meaning for us to call him and to go and meet him at the bus stop five minutes after he'd call us again. Walking in right at 10 am to church with my companion and another elder it was him! He stayed all three hours, would love to meet up, and said he will come next week too. We'll see. :)

With no more Texas power in Timisoara. It'll be a tough week of change. I just might cry for the first time in my life. Seriously. Elder Green! Elder McBride! Whyyyyy you leave me? Why you leave me? My last companion will be another Utahn, go figure. And something interesting, I will be next to two first transfer missionaries. After three with Bulloch she'll be heading to Ploiesti. McBride will be going to Oradea. Green will be going to Frisco, TX (and will be able to witness a Cougar getting beaten by Indians. Well technically, multiple Cougars tied up and gettin well slaughtered inhumanely by ruthless fighting wild Indians. Oh so wish I could see that beating, dvr it for me someone, thanks. don't cry too much, everything happens for a reason) I feel bad how much Green loves that one school he goes to. I almost feel bad that I like it when it's rival school beats them. But then I remember who's better and then I don't feel bad at all when they destroy his team. I love you Marissa. Hosking will be staying a while in Timisoara and getting a missionary who is now on a plane from America! along with Elder Lund! one of the two sisters coming in is names, Sora Lund, hope she makes it up to Timi! My companion will be the famous Speth. He is in the same group at Elder Lund, been out for a little over a year. Awesome missionary. Has been in Deva for a little while with training a native Romanian, who knows...knew Spanish probably better than Romanian while he was living there. Looking forward to the best transfer ever...again.

I love you family and wish you all the best. And all my friends too

An important announcement! Subway has now made it's way to Timisoara. Yay! A most pleasant surprise last p-day going up the escalators in the mall to the food court, Elder McBride's jaw drops and says NO WAY! and I turn around and see tons of yellow and green balloons for the grand opening of SUBWAY in Iulius Mall. I actually ate there today too here in Bucuresti. I came down early with Elder Green because he is leaving for home and got to spend p-day here playing some football, seeing some of my favorite missionaries and leaders. And going to Subway for the 4th time in 8 days. Not a bad ratio and average, if you ask me or anyone else.

Mâncați proaspăt!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last.

So soon, so quickly it comes. From that cool day back in November with my trainer in the Panduri chapel in Bucuresti, bearing my testimony along with Elders Lee, Ransom, and Nemrow, to a wicked hot day in the far away neighborhood of Arad next to Elder Green, Pettit, Myers, Tefft, and Martin, the time comes and it goes. It was a most excellent zone conference, personally uplifted and inspired by the testimonies of fellow missionaries and their experiences and the guidance from the Hill's. Love that family and all my missionaries. It was great to chat with a former companion of mine, Elder Martin and talking about Timisoara and Sibiu. And getting to know new faces and missionaries. And seeing many other faces. It was great to see Ghita and his son Cristi, some of my favorite people in the world. It was unfortunate to catch Dana while she was at work. And a few other faces I was blessed to remeet after a good six months since being in Arad. Now 7. And two days ago and a year ago was the day I arrived in Arad. The last. The weather is still fairly hot. And the work is going alright, it is a tough work, but I love it so much. It is while we serve others and sacrifice our time, talents, desires, and wants for the benefit of others that learn who we are and literally find ourselves. There is nothing greater than serving others. I enjoy serving and am going to miss the envelopement of this calling and service.
The Last.